Mike Barry’s Uptown Gang, 2nd May 2014

MIKE BARRY’S UPTOWN GANG was the band here at the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB on 2nd May 2014 Band leader Mike (trumpet/vocals) had booked GOFF DUBBER on clarinet/saxes/vocals, ‘WHISPERING’ MIKE HOLT on trombone/vocals, GRAHAM BARTON on piano, ROGER CURPHEY on string bass and GRAHAM COLLICOTT on drums. The evening was another success, with such songs as Louis Armstrong’s hit number, ‘East Coast Trot’, (they played it up-tempo) and ‘Fidgety Feet’. Keith has an infected toe, so Mike introduced this tune as ‘Fidgety Foot’. It is cheeky subtle one-liners like this that make our evenings at Farnborough. The atmosphere is always fun and the music always professional, with bands like Mike’s. Some of their repertoire included their own version of ‘Isle of Capri’ which was excellent. To follow was the wonderful and unique sounds of ‘Whispering Mike’s vocals with ‘Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams’ (a Bing Crosby hit). ‘Dippermouth Blues’ is a great jazz favourite, with audiences calling out “Oh play that thing”, however, we did our line-dance, so missed that moment of jumping to ones feet at that point. Loved the dancing though, always lots of fun. The next number ‘The Gettysburg Address’ was terrific and must mention impressive drumming by Graham. Mike featured next, accompanied by Roger and Graham with ‘Davenport Blues’. What a beautiful effort too. My last number is ‘Bourbon Street Parade’ and just loved the trio harmonising vocals of both Mikes and Goff. It finished another wonderful evening with everybody leaving wearing huge smiles on their faces and that is what it’s all about, always good jazz.

See you next week.

Diane and Keith

‘Davenport Blues’ – Bix Beiderbecke (1925) – named after his hometown.
‘Dippermouth Blues’ – Joe ‘King’ Oliver & Louis Armstrong
‘East Coast Trot’ – Jimmy Blythe (1926) (Johnny Dodds may have co-written)
‘Fidgety Feet’ – Nick LaRocca & Larry Shields (1919)
‘Isle of Capri’ – (m) Wilhelm Grosz (aka Hugh Williams), (l) by Jimmy Kennedy (1934)
‘The Gettysburg Address’ – (m) Peter Morgan Thall (1957), (l) Abraham Lincoln (1863)
‘Bourbon Street Parade’ – Paul Barbarin (c. 1953)
‘Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams’ – (m) Harry Barris, (l) Ted Koehler & Billy Moll (1931)