Mahogany Hall Stompers, 13th July 2018

Brian Gyles, trumpeter and band leader of Mahogany Hall Stompes with Chris Marchant on drums at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 5th February 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.


Mahogany Hall Stompers at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 20th May 2015. (LtoR) Colin Graham (trombone), Chris Marchant (drums), Brian Gyles (band leader & trumpeter), ‘Southend Bob’ Albutt (banjo), tony Teale (clarinet) and not in picture – Roger Curphey (double bass) and Tim Huskisson (piano). Photo by Mike Witt.

MAHOGANY HALL STOMPERS will be back with us this Friday 13th July 2018 at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  Band leader, BRIAN GILES, who plays cornet, has om his band the wonderful TIM HUSKISSON (playing reeds), COLIN GRAHAM (playing trombone),with ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALBUTT (playing banjo and singing), CHRIS MARCHANT (playing drums) and ROGER CURPHEY (playing double bass.  These guys will give you some lively, beautiful jazz (from 8:00 till 11pm). Our large car park is free, so don’t stay at home, will you.

After our very disappointing England team’s football demise against Croatia in the FIFA World Cup, many of you will want to put a few pints down you (from our club price Shepherd Neame’s bar, aye.   Music is definitely one way of forgetting your disappointments and so why not come tonight.  It will put you back in a happy mood to get ready to cheer England for a possible chance of the bronze medal against Belgium at 3:00pm on Saturday. 

By the way, congratulations to a wonderful RAF’s 100th anniversary fly-past.  What a magnificent display of precision – well done everyone, we just loved it and made us feel so proud.

‘live music’, as always, hosted by Keith & Diane