Lord Napier Hot Shots, 15th June 2018


Lord Napier Hotshots play at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on Friday 26th February 2016. (LtoR) Bill Traxler (drums) Pat Glover (clarinet), Mike Jackson, (trumpet), Lynn Saunders (banjo) and Mike Duckworth (trombone) (luv the yellow & black striped socks). Photo by Mike Witt.

The ‘LORD NAPIER HOT SHOTS’ are returning to the fold here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB tonight. Friday 15th June 2018.  The musicians will be MIKE JACKSON (trumpet), PAT GLOVER (clarinet), MIKE DUCKWORTH  (trombone), LYNN SAUNDERS (banjo), BILL TRAXLER  (drums) and PETE CLANCY  (double bass).  I had a quick look back and was reminded they kindly agreed to cancel their last gig here, because that Friday, (2nd March 2018), we had severe snow.  Oh! and by the way, we have only closed a maximum of three times over three score years, not bad aye!  But I’m sure it is going to be a lovely evening, see you all for a swinging time.  If you haven’t been before, don’t feel nervous to come and join us, we only eat people on a Saturday.

Diane and Keith – your hosts