George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars, FRIDAY, 4th APRIL 2014

GEORGE ‘KID’ TIDIMAN’S ALL STARS appeared on FRIDAY, 4th APRIL 2014, here at the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB.  Trombonist GEORGE, has booked PETER LEONARD on trumpet, TIM HUSKISSON on clarinet, ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALLBUT on banjo, JOHN SIRETT on double bass and BILL FINCH on drums.  George is always full of fun and he certainly brought his sense of humour with him (update to follow)


Diane and Keith  … plus

Townhouse Jazz Club – Tribute to Johnny Rogers

6th April 2014 1-4pm £5 Entrance fee – All proceeds to Macmillan Nurses

Davey Waskett Tribute @ Townhouse JC 6Apr2014