CANCELLED ‘Lord Napier Hot Shots’, Friday, 2nd March 2018 CANCELLED

The ‘LORD NAPIER HOT SHOTS’ have kindly agreed to cancel their gig here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB this Friday, 2nd March 2018.  The musicians were to have been MIKE JACKSON on trumpet, PAT GLOVER on clarinet, MIKE DUCKWORTH on trombone, LYNN SAUNDERS on banjo, BILL TRAXLER on drums and PETE CLANCY on double bass.

A reluctant decision has been made!  We feel it would be sensible to cancel this Friday’s Jazz.  There are too many of you ‘gung-ho’ jazz lovers, who would make the effort to support us and we would be putting you all in danger of falling over, as the situation is today, let alone on Friday.  This also includes Bill, with his drums, plus whoever brings the sound equipment – not easy in icy conditions.  But with the forecast being blizzards, it could be impossible to get into the clubhouse anyway.  So this way, it will be less stressful for me to get in touch with you all – I have a few days to make the many phone calls to those of you who are not on a computer!  It is a difficult job, as some of you who don’t come very often, just might decide to come this Friday.

Well, what a wicked situation.  The weather forecast has been horrible for Friday – blizzards, etc., forecasted!  What upsets me is the mere fact that we cancelled the whole of January, in case of such an event, but had absolutely no sign of bad weather at all.  We had planned on visiting Dick and Sheila at Sidcup Jazz club, only to find they were closed for the whole month too, due to renovations.  What do they call it – sod’s law!

Hopefully we can look forward to better weather the following Friday, 9th March 2018.  We have Mike Barry’s Uptown Gang.

Diane & Keith