Pedigree Jazz Band, Friday 3rd November 2017

The Pedigree Jazz Band shout ‘cheers’ from The Marston’s Brewery, Burton-upon-Trent DE14 2BG (their sponsors).

It’s the PEDIGREE JAZZ BAND (sponsored by THE MARSTON’S BREWERY) who are on tour here again in The South this Friday, 3rd November 2017 at 8:00pm.  They are appearing at our Farnborough Jazz Club with their special ‘A Salute to Trad Jazz’, which they have been performing for us since 2014.  You always enjoyed them, so we have them back.  Band leader CHRIS WALKER (clarinet) will perform with TONY MANN (trombone), ANDY CHISLETT (trumpet), with JOHN NODDINGS (banjo & guitar), KEN AMES (double bass) and of course COLIN LARN (drums).  Chris will be giving another bit of the history of ‘trad’ jazz and telling about the tunes composers and lyricists and the year they were written.  They come all the way from Burton-on-Trent, East Staffordshire, about 180 miles (3½hrs) from The North, although they are coming via Silvie’s Place, Warlingham (Wednesday 1st), then from Hastings 1066 the night before us.  Please give them a good ol’ Farnborough welcome and send them onto Kingsbridge Jazz Club in Devon, for their next gig (Tuesday 7th), with our cheers ringing in their ears.

Keep Jazz ‘Live’ by supporting it everywhere (especially us please).

Your hosts, The Granties