Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band, Friday 22nd Phoenix September 2017

Bill Todd (trb) & Paul Higgs (trp) of Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band play at Farnborough Jazz Club on 11th March 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.

Come and say ‘Hi’ to the PHOENIX DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND playing here at the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB this Friday 22nd September 2017. You’ll enjoy some pretty fine jazz by some of the best musicians.  You’ve heard of the ‘Man with the Golden Gun’, well we have the ‘Man with the Iridescent Trumpet’, namely PAUL HIGGS.  We  shall also have CHARLES SHERWOOD (clarinet), plus BILL TODD (tromb&vocs). In the engine room, ALAN CLARKE (drums), DAVE BARNES (piano&vocs) and ROGER CURPHEY (double bass).  Don’t forget, treat yourselves to some great entertainment, with a couple of drinks at a Shepherd Neame bar, nothing but the best here for……
Some ‘live jazz’, (we all help to keep it going!)
Your hosts,
Diane and Keith

P.S.  Why not come and enjoy a great Sunday lunch too (12.30-5:00) atYE OLDE WHYTE LYON’ (tel: 01689-852631) and enjoy an afternoon of Smooth Jazz (3:00-6:00) with 4-IN-A-BAR+1’. The music’s free.  Playing are JOHN LEE (sax), TIM HUSKISSON (piano), ROGER CURPHEY (dbass), KEITH GRANT (drums) and Diane (‘+1’) (a few songs). Publican Tim has booked THIS Sunday 24th September 2017 & every last Sunday thereafter. Last time everyone loved the music, with many enjoying the new chef’s Sunday roast. This delightful Shepherd Neame pub (dated 1626) is situated in Locks Bottom, BR6 8NE, next door to Sainsbury’s & PRU Hospital. Sainsbury’ parking has changed on Sundays £2 ‘til 4:00pm (refundable for goods in Sainsbury’s, who close at 4pm) .  There is a walk-thru to pub at far right corner (face Sainsbury’s).  By the way, Shepherd Neame is the oldest brewery in the Country.  That’s why (I’m told) the beers so good.