Golden Eagle Jazz Band, 25th August 2017

The GOLDEN EAGLE JAZZ BAND is our band for tonight at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB, Friday, 25th August 2017.  Band leader, KEVIN SCOTT (tenor banjo) will have (both guesting) ALLEN BEECHEY on trumpet, SARAH SPENCER on Tenor sax.  Also ROY STOKES on trombone & vocals, MIKE BROAD on double bass and MALC MURPHEY on drums & vocals.  New Orleans jazz played for your entertainment and you can be sure at it’s best.  The last time Sarah was here at Farnborough, was back in September 2014 and what a wonderfully exciting performance she gave us.  Of course I must mention talented Allen is often here with the Martin Brothers, but was last here with Bob Dwyer 9th September 2016 and gave us a fantastic blow!   So make your way to our little club and bring your dancing shoes with you.  We’ll have some fun.

Your hosts,

Diane and Keith