Martyn Brothers Jazz Band, 30th June 2017

Ben Martyn, (d.bass) & Emile Martyn (drums) of Martyn Brothers Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent 3Apr2015 Photo by Mike Witt

The FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB will be entertained by the young MARTYN BROTHERS JAZZ BAND tonight, Friday, 30th June 2017.  BrothersBEN MARTYN (who plays double bass and sings) and EMILE MARTYN (who plays drums) are sons of the famous drummer and band leader Barry Martyn.  The boys often visit their Dad, who now lives in New Orleans.

Having mislaid my mobile, I am not sure who is booked to play for us tonight.  Will it be the same as last time when we had that giant trumpeter, PETE RUDEFORTH? Also, will it be RICHIE HOWARD on clarinet, IAN BEETLESTONE on piano and JOHN ‘flashback radio’ RUSCOE on guitar?  Please get your butts down here and find out WHO WILL be entertaining us.  Come and enjoy listening or dancing to whoever, you surely love a surprise sometimes aye!  If you haven’t been here before, everyone is welcome.  Music is from 8:00pm till 11:00pm. .

‘Live’ jazz, don’t lose it.

Hosted by Diane and Keith

P.S.  I have just been told (thanks Steve), literally two minute ago, some pretty horrible and unbelievable news.  The wonderful venue, loved by so many, namely The Lord Napier, is no longer.  It has the builders in, knocking it down.  Unfortunately, it is the first I have heard of the possibility.  I am so disappointed to have been told too late,  Especially now being unable to do anything about it, not that I’m sure I could have.  It’s just that I feel so helpless.  I will return at a later date to write a little something about this wonderful pub.  So many lovely musicians have performed there, including Keith.  They must all be devastated.   Signed a saddened Diane.