‘Lord Napier Hot Shots, Friday, 9th June 2017

Lord_Napier Hotshots play at Farnborough Jazz Club on 16oct2015. Wot about those fab socks of Mike Duckworth (trombone)! Photo By Mike Witt.

The ‘LORD NAPIER HOT SHOTS’ will be making their way over to our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB this Friday, 9th June 2017 to inject us with our weekly shot of jazz.   There will be a couple of changes in the band, so do have a look at the line-up.   MALCOLM WALTON (trumpet) will be joined by MIKE DUCKWORTH (trombone) [typeface same colour as Mike’s fun socks!], PAT GLOVER (reeds &vocals), as well as JOHN STEWART (banjo & guitar), plus MICK SCRIVEN (double bass, bass sax & vocals) and GRAHAM CAULICOTTE will be playing drums.  Last week was far too hot to dance any fast ones, in fact not much dancing at all, although they were great to listen to, but I believe this coming Friday will be much more pleasant, so put your dancing shoes in your bags and see you on Friday for that weekly exercise (and fun of course).

Your hosts, Diane & Keith

P.S. Only beautiful and happy people are allowed at Farnborough – so if you are ugly and miserable, then sorry, I’m afraid you can’t come in!!!!!!  Oh, I’ve just thought, you better make an appearance, otherwise everyone will think you were not allowed in – ha ha.