Les Hanscombe’s Tailgate Jazz Band,10th February 2017


LES HANSCOMBE’S TAILGATE JAZZ BAND at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent), taken 10th October 2014

LES HANSCOMBE’S TAILGATE JAZZ BAND is set to return to our Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on Friday, 10th February 2017 Band leader LES, who plays super trombone & sings great too, has booked his usual musicians, BRIAN GILES on trumpet, BRIAN HART on reeds, DEREK PRING on sousaphone, plus OLLIE BENSON on banjo & guitar and JOHNNY BAKER on drums&vocals,  Hopefully, their journey here will be a far better one than last time.  However, let’s give them a warm welcome, just in case it isn’t.  We enjoy ourselves here at Farnborough Jazz Club and tonight, we especially intend doing so, being that Keith had such a close to death experience (come tonight to find out how!), so I intend to celebrate (I haven’t got all my ‘insurance dues’ in from all you owners of Keith’s paintings!).  Plenty of dancing, lovely bar and general fun – you bet.

Keeping jazz ‘live’ by your hosts,

Diane and Keith