Golden Eagle Jazz Band, 25th November 2016

It's Halloween at Farnborough Jazz Club. We are nearing the bewitching hour and Golden Eagle Jazz Band can resist us no longer, we have them under our spell! he he, Photo taken by Mike Witt.

It was Halloween at Farnborough Jazz Club (2015). We were nearing the bewitching hour and Golden Eagle Jazz Band could resist us no longer, we had them under our spell! he he, Photo taken by Mike Witt.

We have the GOLDEN EAGLE JAZZ BAND with us at our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB this Friday, 25th November 2016.  KEVIN SCOTT (tenor banjo) is the band leader and he has MIKE SCROXTON on trumpet, ALAN CRESSWELL will be on clarinet, ROY STOKES on trombone & vocals, MIKE BROAD on double bass and MALC MURPHEY on drums (KEN COLYER’S drummer for 7yrs).  After last week, when we had a brilliant party-like evening, it will be a hard act to follow.  However, this band can, because they also like to encourage you to enjoy yourselves.  So if things are getting you uptight, with Christmas shopping looming up on you fast, then get yourselves over to us for the evening.  You will find yourselves unwinding and ready for the World again, the next day.  Their music begins at 8:00pm, finishing at 11:00pm and if you want, you can dance (however good, or bad you are), or just sit and listen.  The bar has club prices, with pleasant staff to serve you Shepherd Neame beer etc.,  – so come on over and join your hosts, Diane and Keith for some ‘live’ jazz.