PLEASE VOTE FOR Gravesend Sailing Club   ‘Alicia Project’


Reg. Charity No. 1085456

Gravesend Sailing Club ‘Alicia Project’

Sailability has applied for a £25,000 grant.  Their main need is for installing wheelchair access.  They have been short-listed and now need lots of votes (not your money).  Please help by voting as follows:- (Voting closes 30th November 2016)

  1. Go to OneFamily Foundation on your browser.

  2. Register to vote.

  3. Under ‘Community Projects’ find ‘Region’

  4. Click ‘SE Region’ and find ‘Gravesend Sailing Club ‘Alicia Project’ Click ‘More’ and follow voting procedure.

  5. Please get everyone you know to vote as well!


Chris Cook

They need your votes for the following reason:-

To help improve disabled access to the club house.

Access to the clubhouse is very difficult for wheelchair users. At the moment, you have to go round the back, up a ramp, negotiate a couple of very tight turns, knock loudly and hope someone will open the door, then heave yourself over the step. This is a real barrier for existing users, for guests, and for expanding our base of Sailability members.

The plan is to install a wheelchair lift in the corner where Daisy lives, and a new pair of doors that can be opened by a disabled user with a key. This will make them independent of outside help. And crucially, give safe, legal access to the club.

But this costs money! Members have been extraordinarily generous over the pontoon and the crane, so they’re not asking for your money again! But they are asking for two minutes of your time.
They have a bid in for £25,000 from the One Family Foundation community awards. To win this money, they need your votes! For details of the project, and to vote, go to
Voting closes on 30th November, so get voting now!  And mention this to family and friends – the more votes, the greater their chances of getting the money for this important improvement to disabled access to the club house!  Thanks.