Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, aged 90years today, 21st April 2016

To Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, may we please join the many millions of huge wishes sent World Wide to congratulate You, Ma’am on reaching your 90th birthday?  We could not let today go by, without adding the wishes from all at Farnborough Jazz Club.  How sorry I feel that Your Majesty is unable to lie about Your Majesty’s age.   One cannot even get away with ‘stand-ins’, Your Majesty being instantly recognisable, even from a distance.  I have remained thirty-several and a bit more, for at least ten years (even though most laugh at that – those that dare).  However, the years have been visibly very kind to You, Ma’am.  May they be so, as well as physically, for many more years to come?

Diane & Keith

Farnborough Jazz Club