‘Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces’, 1/11/2013

‘BOB DWYER’S BIX & PIECES’ played for us on Friday, 1st November 2013 here at our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB.  Band members with trombonist BOB were MAX EMMONS on trumpet, BERNIE HOLDEN on clarinet, HUGH CROZIER on piano, JOHN BAYNE on double bass/bass sax, JOHN STUART on banjo, plus GRAHAM COLLICOTT on drums.  Before I look at my notes, I must mention my favourite number of the evening!  It was a song from Irvin Berlin’s film ‘Carefree’ staring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’.  You’ve guested it, ‘Change Partners and Dance with Me’.  I remember there were plenty of dancers on the floor.  I didn’t have a partner and I couldn’t help it, I found myself dancing around the outskirts of the dance floor and over to Keith at the bar, you know, how one does in your own home, when you are completely on your own!  It was such a lovely old favourite song, one that you have to dance to (sorry folks, I’m such an ol’ romantic!).  The other memory was of John Bayne playing bass sax, which I call ‘Big Bertha’ – anyone else refer to that instrument with this name?  Maybe I got that name from someone else, I can’t remember!  Well John, it has a wonderful rich sound and makes the hairs on my arms come up.  Now back to my notes – ‘Piove (Ciano, Ciano Bambina)’, (translated ‘Chow, Chow Bambino’) was sung by Bob, with some audience participation, as one would expect.  It was followed with ‘Minnie the Moocher’ and ‘Careless Love’.  John (B) played big Bertha (bass sax) in both songs, fantastic.  Then came a good old favourite ‘Hiawatha Rag’ and there was plenty of dancing going on.  John (B) had a feature song with ‘China Boy’.  What a splendid piece of playing from him, he is marvellous.  Hugh sang the next one, ‘Puttin on the Ritz’ (from the musical of the same name).  Would you believe it, Keith danced this one with me, he really can dance well, being a drummer (rhythm, legs, etc.).  The next song featured Hugh on piano with ‘The Naked Dancers’ (also known as Hootchy-Kootchy Dance) and was introduced with such a story, because of the subject.  We were asked if any of us ladies in the audience wanted to join in.  Len offered our services, but Colin called out ‘No please, thank you very much’.  Then Sandy (she’s such a sport) climbed up on a table and pretended to take part, much to everyone’s delight & laughter – well done Sandy.  Hugh then sung his party piece ‘Caldonia’.  He has a great voice and certainly can play those ivories.  Well, once again a fun-filled happy evening of jazz.

They certainly did keep smiles on our faces.

Diane and Keith

‘Caldonia’ – (believed) Louis Jordan, but credited to his wife, Fleecie Moore (1945)
‘Careless Love’ – Obscure origins (first association found Buddy Bolden Band (circa 1890’s)
‘Change Partners and Dance with Me’ – Irving Berlin (1938)
‘China Boy’ – Phil Boutelje & Dick Winfree (1922)
‘Hiawatha Rag’ – (m) Chas N Daniels aka Neil Moret (1901), (l) James O’Deo (added 1903)
‘Minnie the Moocher’ – Cab Calloway & Irving Mills (1931) 
‘Piove (Ciano, Ciano Bambina)’ – Domenico Modugno & Eduardo Verde (1959)
‘Puttin On the Ritz’ – Irving Berlin (1929)
‘The Naked Dancers’ – Sol Bloom (1893), pos from 1719!