Tony Pitt’s All Stars, 18/10/2013

TONY PITT’S ALL STARS ‘blew everybody minds’ here at Farnborough Jazz Club on 18th October 2013TONY (banjo) obtained those brilliant stars, DENNY ILETT on trumpet, ADRIAN COX on clarinet, DAVE HEWITT on trombone, PETE ‘Dave’ BAKER on double bass and JOHN ELLMER on drums.  Howzat!  I said last week that we were definitely in for an exciting evening of jazz.  What an understatement!  I have to tell you they were so much more than brilliant, well Ken in the audience said to me, and I quote “There is only one word for it, matchless!  Then he said” unbelievable”, that’s two words Ken.  Tony chose to put this line-up together for the first time and pretty amazing they were.  I will not decry the previous bands or line-ups, but together were certainly among the crème de la crème.  Those of you who witnessing the evening, please post your comments on our website.  It would show my darling Keith (who is a Luddite) that you ARE reading these newsletters.  Hmmm, are you?  Just in case you are reading this, let me remind you of some of the numbers played.  They started the evening with that rip-roaring number called ‘Jazz Me Blues’.  Not sure why it should have been called a blues, it is such a happy number.  ‘Original Dixieland One Step’ had brilliant solos.  First solo by Adrian was incredible, but then each in turn came Denny, Dave and then John (all incredible too), all backed by Pete and Tony – fantastic.  Denny sang the next number ‘When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful’ loved by plenty of dancers.  Adrian sang the next couple of songs ‘Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out’ and ‘The Curse of the Aching Heart’ (nearly fainted dancing to it – hmmm getting old – who said that!).  ‘Panama Rag’ was another amazing number (I didn’t want them to stop playing it), followed by another old standard called ‘When You and I were young Maggie’.  I managed to film next couple of numbers.  The filming is very dark (club atmosphere) and the music is never as good as being there ‘live’, but still great for a memory boost.  First number captured was ‘Shimmy Like my Sister Kate’, sung by Adrian. Then ‘Bad Penny Blues’ featured Denny on trumpet, he also sang, plus played mouth piece only, what a talent. Then came ‘Blue Turning Grey Over You’, ‘South Rampart Street Parade’ and ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’.  There was plenty of dancing throughout the evening and that says it all, so don’t be shy if you want to join us and enjoy yourselves, it doesn’t matter how well or badly you can dance, we don’t watch you, were too busy dancing ourselves.  Of course all are welcome, don’t stay lonely at home, we have such fun.

Keep jazz ‘live’ in Farnborough!

Diane and Keith

N.B.  Sorry, still not able to download videos, it seems they are too long – I will try to find a way at a later date!

‘Bad Penny Blues’ – Humphrey Lyttelton (1956)
‘Blue, Turning Grey Over You’ – (m) Fats Waller, (l) Andy Razaf (1929)
‘Jazz Me Blues’ – Tom Delaney (1921)
‘Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out’ – Jimmy Cox (1923)
‘Original Dixieland One Step’ (First jazz record known as ‘Dixie Jass Band One Step’ by Original Dixieland Jazz Band (1917).  After court case – changed to ‘That Teasing Rag’ (ragtime song by Joe Jordon-1909)
‘Shimmy Like my Sister Kate’ – (composers?) © Clarence Williams & Armand Piron (1915)
‘South Rampart Street Parade’ – (m) Ray Bauduc & Bobby Haggart (1938), (l) Steve Allen (circa 1950)
‘The Curse of the Aching Heart’ – (m) Al Piantadosi, (l) Henri Fink (1913)
‘When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful’ – Harry M Woods (1935)
‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ – origins unknown (derived from (l) Katherine Purvis, (m) James Milton Black 1896) re-vamped & published 1927
‘When You and I were young Maggie’ – (m) James Butterfield (1866), (l) George W Johnson (1864) [derived from George Johnson’s poem (1820)]